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Artist Statement
There are moments where our visual perception is tested creating a moment where the invisible become visible to the eye. The landscape has an innate quality to conjure this type of moment during twilight that allows its changing light and emerging shadows to transform into a plane for liminal space to become visible. Liminal space is described as an in-between space, a space of transition, and a space of waiting or anticipation. The landscape is a place that naturally changes with just a slight shift in light to dark, this is when its shadows begin to transform into a distortion of the familiar and become a place of transition, as if to allow a door to be opened to somewhere else leaving its inhabitants waiting at its threshold. These encounters create a window into liminal space.

Capturing the shadows of constructed landscapes creates the imagery for Thresholds. Using the natural landscape as inspiration to construct artificial landscapes into hand-built sets using found and hand-made objects, each set is then lit creating a new landscape of shadows. These shadow landscapes are then photographed, edited digitally creating panoramic images for photographs and projection-based work.

The imagery for Thresholds is accomplished through the explorations of space, time, and shadow landscapes along with one’s perceptions and surroundings that this work and concept is transformed first from the mind into a set and then into the camera to finally exist as an image that embraces the nature of the shadow landscape as a liminal space.


Born: Pleasanton, TX, 1982

Current Residence: Floresville, TX

Past Education:
University of Texas at San Antonio, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2012
University of Texas at San Antonio, Teacher Certification EC-12 Art, 2012

Non-Resident Studio Advisors: Anna Collette, Libby Rowe

Image List:
1. The Borderline of Moments, Digital Archival Print, 24in x 72in, 2014
2. The Edge of Transcendence, Digital Archival Print, 24in x 72in, 2014
3. In Between the Seconds, Digital Archival Print, 24in x 72in, 2014
4. Here in the Invisible Corridor, Digital Archival Print, 24in x 72in, 2014
5. Standing with Bated Breath, Digital Archival Print, 24in x 72in, 2015

Image Credits: 1-5 Laura Blair Bodden

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